8 Useful Instagram apps for photos and videos

Instagram Photo or Video Downloader and Repost

1. Instaloader


Previously, you could only download a photo from someone else’s account from a PC, now Instagram applications allow you to do this from your phone. To download a photo or video or even a story through Instaloader, just copy the link of the post. This Instagram application also allows you to publish it in your account immediately.

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Instagram apps — work with video

2. Instasize


This Instagram app adds a white background, thanks to which, white borders or the selected background appear, leaving the photo in horizontal or vertical form. Using this application for maintaining Instagram, you can diversify the profile tape, and fit any picture to the desired format.

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Applications for text on Instagram

3. Meitu


This Instagram text app lets you draw with text as a marker. It is enough to enter the phrase and select its design, and then slide your finger over the photo, creating any text drawings. To do this, upload a picture, select Magic Brush, and the first function in the Custom menu. By clicking on the screen, write the desired text.

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Instagram Story Apps

4. Canva


Until recently, cool designs could only be done in large agencies. However, now with story apps, anyone can create animated posts and stories. Canva presents a huge selection of free designs for every taste and different formats for posts, stories and animations for Instagram. The application has a web-version, while you will have access from a computer to all the designs created on the phone. It’s also very convenient for creating ads via Facebook since you can add a ready-made design directly to the ad (it’s not so convenient to do this from the phone).

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Instagram apps — collage making

5. April — Layouts Photo Collage


A very convenient and beautiful application for Instagram feed, in which you can create collages of different sizes (1x1, 4x5, 9x16, etc.). The application has a large number of ready-made templates.

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6. Grid Post

Grid post

Another indispensable application for the Instagram feed, which can divide a photo into parts that are adapted in size to be published on Instagram. With this application, you can easily create a landing page on Instagram or an endless feed, which you can learn more about in the article. «Infinite Instagram feed: 11 ways to decorate your profile».

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Instagram apps — inspiration

7. Pinterest


Oddly enough, but an indispensable application for maintaining Instagram — this is Pinterest. If you are looking for inspiration, you need fresh ideas or want to send the photographer references for a photoshoot, then there’s no better service. For convenience, collect your collections (boards) so that everything is at hand.

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Instagram promotion apps

8. Followers & Likes Tracker for Instagram - Repost


With this application for promoting Instagram, you can track the statistics of your account. For example, you can see subscribers who have liked and least liked or commented on your posts the most. You can compare likes, comments to understand what to write about, and when to write...

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